Young Children, Dollhouses and Miniatures

Being in the dollhouse business, it should not surprise anyone that when our grandson was barely 2 years old we brought home an Adirondack Cabin, a sturdy set of log furniture and a family of wooden dollhouse dolls.  He had gotten over the “put everything in your mouth” stage quite a while ago, but I didn’t expect him to be old enough to take a keen interest in miniatures… boy, was I wrong!  He jumped right in and immediately began to engage in his first “independent” play.


Now, whenever he visits, dolls are fed crunchy cereal and put to bed… they go “in & out” the front door and “up & down” the stairs… they get into lots of trouble and regularly have “time-outs” while he counts to ten (often missing a few numbers). Miniature farm animals are allowed to meander inside the dollhouse whenever they want to and sometimes have sleepovers in the living room.


The dollhouse is always the first toy he goes to after saying “hello”and watching him role play and stretch his imagination is especially rewarding.  I know every child is different and that our dollhouses are mostly recommended for adult collectors… however, so far so good, he hasn’t broken a shingle or porch post.  But, I still keep an eye on him while he’s playing with small objects… just because I should.


Have a good day. ~ Chris


5 Responses to “Young Children, Dollhouses and Miniatures”

  1. Corinne Jarvis Says:

    I just noticed him peeking through the house on the bottom picture!!! So cute! What a perfect dollhouse for a little boy too!

  2. Ruth "Nonnie" Connoley Says:

    I, also in the dollhouse business, made my 3 year old grandson a “Crocket’s Log Cabin” for his birthday. I also gave him a moose family complete with changeable clothes and a set of log furniture that he could paint himself – with Mommy’s help, of course. He loves it and I refresh his enjoyment by continuing to add to his family and his furniture. I’m thinking of carrying the log cabins on my website now. I’ll have to change our logo though…It says, “Making little girls dreams come true.”

  3. mary ann Says:

    I know all about this. My 7 year old son was most interested in my building of dollhouses and was a bit miffed because I was helping his 10 year old sister build her first house. He said why cant boys have doll houses? I explained that they do have them but they are usually in the form of space ships and trucks. He came back at me with a true sense of concern: ” well my superheros have absolutely no place to sleep” ….he was QUITE SERIOUS. I built him a log cabin for the sake of his poor superheros and you know, he plays with that MORE than the space ships and fully functional robots which cost exorbitant money……who would have thought

  4. chris_abrams Says:

    … your son is lucky that you picked up on his interest. I just heard from a group out in Chicago that is doing a summer library project – they are studying the life of Abraham Lincoln, building 10 log cabins and decorating them in the period & style of Lincoln’s era. What a great way to learn about history!

  5. Linda Says:

    I am looking for a cabin like the one pictured, what do they run, furnished, dolls, appreciate your time. Thank you.