Wonderful Doll House News Feature

Rick Maccione of DOLL HOUSES BY MINIATURE MANSIONS was recently interviewed, filmed and featured on CNN – CT television. It’s a terrific story and showcases Rick’s beautifully finished doll house models. When you click on the link below go to “Search All Videos” in the bottom left hand corner, choose “Better CT” and then go to “Woodbury Resident Builds Custom Dollhouses”. You’ll want to see this more than once! http://www.wfsb.com/video/index.html

Congratulations Rick – your talent is inspiring!      Thank you. – Chris

One Response to “Wonderful Doll House News Feature”

  1. gary_r Says:

    Great news article! I had to search for it though (the link goes to whatever is newest) I typed “dollhouses” in the searchbox and chose the appropriate time since April 3. Thanks