Vermont Governor Douglas admires RGT dollhouse

Julio Lavin and John Micknick join Vermont Governor Jim Douglas as he admires the “Bostonian” dollhouse recently built, finished and electrified by the Senior Crafters, and furnished by residents of Westview Meadows, Montpelier, Vermont. Westview Meadows recently celebrated their 5th anniversary. The Senior Crafters have built more then 60 Real Good Toys’ dollhouses for local charities.


3 Responses to “Vermont Governor Douglas admires RGT dollhouse”

  1. beth anne cherry Says:

    I am wondering if anyone knows of any similar “senior crafters” in the Boston area…I just purchased a RGT dollhouse….the Newport…and have found no one who is able to put it together for my granddaughter! Thank you, in advance.

  2. R.Grullon Says:

    Go to Facebook,to RGT site,and there you could ask other people to help you,I have been helped.
    I am curretly doing the Bostonian,and is inmense,but you will play with it.
    Good luck to you

  3. Deborah G. Says:

    I built the Bostonian and it ‘s a really big house.I built it 5 yrs ago .But I’m doing some remodeling of it.A new coat of paint,new carpeting. and putting in french doors in the middle bedroom and it will be turned from a bedroom to a setting room or den.I like how senior crafters built this house.