Creating an Heirloom

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

Many people who build Real Good Toys dollhouse kits don’t necessarily think about who may own the house generations down the road, but you all should and it should start with the assembly!  Creating an heirloom isn’t hard but it does take some thought, maybe a scrapbook, a camera and some notes. 

People often ask us where a house originated or what the history is, so can you imagine the surprise of your great, great grandchildren when they find your dollhouse with a scrapbook of all the things you’ve done to it over the years?  They would be thrilled.  Many times people don’t think about how a dollhouse evolves or what certain things might mean to the people who built it.  Dollhouses do evolve over the years and certain things have deep meaning.  It’s important to keep track of it all for future generations. (more…)