Young Children, Dollhouses and Miniatures

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Being in the dollhouse business, it should not surprise anyone that when our grandson was barely 2 years old we brought home an Adirondack Cabin, a sturdy set of log furniture and a family of wooden dollhouse dolls.  He had gotten over the “put everything in your mouth” stage quite a while ago, but I didn’t expect him to be old enough to take a keen interest in miniatures… boy, was I wrong!  He jumped right in and immediately began to engage in his first “independent” play.


Now, whenever he visits, dolls are fed crunchy cereal and put to bed… they go “in & out” the front door and “up & down” the stairs… they get into lots of trouble and regularly have “time-outs” while he counts to ten (often missing a few numbers). Miniature farm animals are allowed to meander inside the dollhouse whenever they want to and sometimes have sleepovers in the living room.


The dollhouse is always the first toy he goes to after saying “hello”and watching him role play and stretch his imagination is especially rewarding.  I know every child is different and that our dollhouses are mostly recommended for adult collectors… however, so far so good, he hasn’t broken a shingle or porch post.  But, I still keep an eye on him while he’s playing with small objects… just because I should.


Have a good day. ~ Chris