Real Good Toys 3rd Annual Facebook Build-Along Project Featuring JJs Dollhouse Cottage

The 2013 Facebook Build-Along Project is sure to be a hit again this year.  We have created the cutest little cottage for this year’s event.  JJ’s Dollhouse Cottage is a shell kit and has lots of options for expansion and customization.  The main kit will give you the dollhouse cottage shell and then you can purchase extra levels to build your dream dollhouse as tall as you’d like.  You can purchase two main kits and even put them side by side or use it as an addition to your taller main section.  The possibilities are endless and we’re sure to see some really amazing creations.  Jodi and I are so excited to be able to offer our 3rd Annual Build-Along Project in both 1 inch scale and 1/2 inch scale.  It seems to be a popular concept and I think many people will be trying their hand at the smaller scale, I know I will be!

Make sure to save the date – MARCH 1st we will begin this year’s event.  We are offering a SPECIAL PRE-BUY OPPORTUNITY Buy your kit(s) any time before February 15th and SAVE $$$$$.  All kits ordered will be shipped the week of 2/25/13 or sooner.

Check out all the pictures and details of our 3rd Annual Facebook Build-Along Project featuring JJ’s Dollhouse Cottage.

Hope you can join us – Mini wishes – Jennifer

3 Responses to “Real Good Toys 3rd Annual Facebook Build-Along Project Featuring JJs Dollhouse Cottage”

  1. Debra Charles Says:

    I am so excited. I received my kit on Monday, March 4th and I have been working onit ever since. I have built another Real Good Toys Dollhouse, the Allison Jr. and have made many additions to it and still continue to add things from time to time. Real Good Toys are quality houses at a great price. I have even gotten some friends interested in building dollhouses for their grandkids.

  2. Mrs. Osborne Says:

    We are a classroom of special needs high school students. We will be building our kit in collaboration with art students at our school. We are going to donate the results to a women’s shelter. We are so excited!!

  3. Juliet D. Franks Says:

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