Miniaturist of the Month – Stacy Thibeault

Stacy with her dollhouse

Stacy with her dollhouse

Real Good Toys is pleased to welcome our January Miniaturist of the Month, Stacy Thibeault of Topsham, Maine.  Stacy has been a stay at home mom for the past 14 years, enjoying Maine life with her husband, son and their three cats.  When she is not working on miniatures, she loves to read and be outside enjoying the woods.

Stacy’s love of miniatures began when she was around 8 years old. She tells us she was thrilled when her Dad used to ask her to help paint ceramic figures that he created in a class he was taking.  That’s all it took for Stacy to become hooked.  She says, “To this day I have ornaments we did together and an entire miniature Christmas village”. Stacy also remembers summers on Sebago Lake in Maine and visiting Crickets Corner Shoppe in Raymond, ME.  Although Stacy proudly states that she was a tomboy as a child, she absolutely loved visiting the dollhouse store.  She remembers her Dad would bring home miniatures for her and she says, “…being the packrat that I am, I still have some of those things. Who knew they would be in my very own miniature houses”. Stacy has been seriously involved in crafting since she was 18.  As it is for many people, a life changing event can often launch you in a different direction, and that is just what happened to Stacy.  With her Dad passing away suddenly in 2010, Stacy found herself overcome with the feeling that she just had to build a dollhouse.  So off she went to the nearest dollhouse store with one thing on her mind.  She came home with a Real Good Toys Victorian Cottage Jr. dollhouse kit.  She tells us, “Got home, dumped it out, read the instructions, and an addiction was born”! Since then, Stacy has built many dollhouses and has started making her own miniatures.  She says it makes her feel close to her Dad.  Her words of wisdom for new miniaturists…Home Depot!  She has great luck finding mini lumber and sample size paint containers that are just right for your dollhouse.

Real Good Toys Victorian Cottage Jr. dollhouse kit.

Real Good Toys Victorian Cottage Jr. dollhouse kit.

Stacy has been an avid fan of the annual Real Good Toys Facebook Build Along, and her favorite dollhouse build so far has been our 2012 Puzzle Dollhouse Kit.  She took the Puzzle Dollhouse kit and recreated her real life house inside and out!  The finished product has a prominent home in her living room, so everyone gets to see it every day.  As Stacy bounces back from a year of physical restrictions, she is looking forward to building the Real Good Toys Newbury Dollhouse kit that she has stashed away.  And after that, maybe the Beachside Bungalow…or the Victoria’s Farmhouse…or who knows which dollhouse build lies ahead for her.

Thank you Stacy, for letting us get to know you. Your energy and love of miniatures is inspiring.  

Would you like to be our next Miniaturist of the Month?  Do you know someone who would be a good candidate?  It’s really easy. Just email your information, with a picture or two attached, to [email protected]

I’m looking forward to letting your talents shine!!sunshine


7 Responses to “Miniaturist of the Month – Stacy Thibeault”

  1. Marjie O. Says:

    Stacy, Thanks for sharing your story. I always look forward to seeing your creations.

  2. Nancy G Says:

    Congratulations Stacy Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Rick Maccione Says:

    Stacy, you did an excellent job on your dollhouse and I hope you pass on your interest with miniature to everyone you can. I started in 1988 and never stopped building and I love to keep this wonderful hobby alive.

  4. Shirley Horton Says:

    Dear Stacy. Thank you for your most interesting story about your love of miniatures. It did my heart good to know that it is still going strong. You are in the right area for it. I started building miniatures houses in l981 and I loved it then and still do. We don’t have the supply areas in the midwest as I think the East coast has so much to offer and glad to know there are those who enjoy it so. I admire you, I do like the design of the your Puzzle Dollhouse. I have made 5 dollhouses myself, electrified 3 of them and completely furnished the one I still own with furniture I made from kits. It is the Harrison House, English Tudor with living room, dining room, 2 bedrooms, bathroom , sewing room and a collector’s room on the third floor. It was a joy to create. I am now over 80 years young and find I don’t have the patience or skills to do the tedious work any longer but still have the love for it and admire you starting when you were just a young girl working with your Dad. What a wonderful story you have. Thank you for sharing with us, Stacy.

  5. Lois Dyer Says:

    Stacy’s house is goegous. I would love to see a photo of the inside.

  6. Lois Dyer Says:

    Stacy’s house is gorgeous. I’d love to see

  7. Lois Dyer Says:

    Stacy’s house is gorgeous. I would love to see a photo of the inside.