Merchant Spotlight: Just Miniature Scale, Greensburg, PA

When you experience Just Miniature Scale in Greensburg, PA, you think “activity”.  What goes on in just one week at Just Miniature Scale could satisfy all dollhouse and miniature collectors!   Each week new friends and old come to share stories, pictures and memories of their collections.  The staff prides themselves on having an inviting, old fashioned shop that keeps people coming back.  The shop is 30 miles east of Pittsburgh in a quaint area of downtown.  Just Miniature Scale is on the same street where shop owner, Judy Mizikar, grew up. Her family still lives a few blocks away. Because the shop is easy to travel to from all of western Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Ohio, Judy has been able to stay and grow in the town that she loves.


The shop is a full service dollhouse and miniature store.  They have over 25 years of experience doing any and all things related to minis.  They gladly give hands on demonstrations and technical advice to all of their customers.  It is the knowledge and advice provided, the selection of merchandise and the fair business practices they follow, that has allowed them to build a shop worth experiencing!


Some of their highlights every year include special events, classes, children’s camps and more! Classes for children ages 8 and up are always filled and usually have a waiting list.  Children are taught the use of tools and introduced to craft products used in miniature.  They create a variety of theme accessories to compliment their dollhouse. 

Classes are held during the school year and in the summer they offer a full week camp to create a larger project. Kid’s classes have been offered for over nine years and Judy has seen some of her young students grow into sophisticated adult collectors. Check the classes, news and events section of the website.                                                                                                                                                                    

Their Annual Miniature Parade of Trees has become well known across the country. They give away 6 inch tall, inexpensive trees and have artists, customers, children and local personalities decorate them.  Just Miniature Scale raised over $10,000 in the past 3 years helping provide holiday meals for over 9000 Western Pennsylvania families.  Check out the trees from past years on their website photo gallery.




Artists from all over the country enjoy coming to the shop to teach workshops.  Throughout the year the shop hosts many workshops, both extensive and small.  There is nothing like learning techniques and creating projects in a relaxed, well lit and comfortable setting.




Even though Just Miniature Scale is a busy, bustling shop, there is never an atmosphere of frenzy.  Although filled with activity, you will find a relaxed place to share your miniature stories.  You can shop till you are content and savor the finest miniatures available.   The store’s philosophy is to share their knowledge and passion for dollhouses and miniatures.  They build long lasting relationships with their customers, and they are committed to encouraging family involvement in this wonderful hobby.  Their extensive supply of various products makes the hobby affordable while still maintaining excellence for quality collectors.   Just Miniature Scale concentrates on having a balance of fine, artisan pieces as well as products for the do-it-yourself miniaturist.  They enjoy every customer, from the serious well-educated collector to the child who sees magic in paper and glue.  Stop in anytime to experience the activity!


Shop hours:  Monday – Saturday, 10-5 pm, Tuesday 10-8 pm, Evening and Sunday appointments available for clubs.


Check the website for detailed directions.

Just Miniature Scale

100 S. Pennsylvania Avenue

Greensburg, PA  15601


[email protected]







4 Responses to “Merchant Spotlight: Just Miniature Scale, Greensburg, PA”

  1. Deborah Gaffney Says:

    Just Miniature Scale is my favorite miniature shop.The lady who owns this shop Judy is a very nice lady.And she has the best shop around.I wouldn’t go any were else to buy my miniatures.She stayed late just so I could get to her shop one day.She didn’t have to do it.But Judy did,because I have to come from Connellsville.And I have suggested her to everyone who asks me were I got my dollhouse from.And if she does not have what I need for my dollhouse,she will order it for me.

  2. Patty McDermott Says:

    I would like to inquire about the miniature memory boxes you create. I was at a friends house last evening and she had this most adorable memory box of her sons events throughout his school days. I would be interested in having one done. Could you please advise??


  3. Judy Mizikar Says:

    My memory creations can be created in a variety of boxes, glass domes and glass cases. I like to tell a story using miniatures about someone. I also miniaturize photos and other items to really make it personal, such as business cards, bookcovers, cd covers and dvd titles. I have done them for all sorts of occassions. I have done birthdays, anniversaries, retirements and more. I like to describe them as scrapbooking in three dimension or a collage of miniatures that tells someone’s story. I ask people to make a list about the person so I can get to know them. We decide on a budget and I take it from there-oh yeah, I ask ALOT of questions based on that list. Unfortunately I am unable to ship a finished project. I have not had luck with them arriving intact. However, most dollhouse and miniature shops create memory domes! Ask your local shop if you are not in my area.

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