Having fun with dollhouse paint colors

Real Good Toys Classic Bungalow

Real Good Toys Classic Bungalow beautifully finished by Lynlott Miniatures in Pittsburgh, PA

Visualizing and choosing colors for your dollhouse can be a challenging task. You think (and hope) that the colors you’ve chosen will look good together and more importantly, look good on your dollhouse. Well not to worry – Benjamin Moore has a fun, interactive page on their website called the Personal Color Viewer. This will take most of the guesswork out of the task and you’ll be looking at color combinations¬† for every room of your dollhouse before you’re through. You can even upload your own photos so you can see how your very own dollhouse would look with different color combinations! Yes, it’s really for life size houses, but it’s a great resource for the mini decorator too. Benjamin Moore also sells 2 ounce color samples so you don’t have to buy a whole quart of paint just for trimming your dollhouse. You’ll also find many other paint retailers who sell these 2 ounce samples for your convenience. Real Good Toys has always recommended Benjamin Moore paints for your dollhouse. We always say the better quality paint you use, the more beautiful your finish will be. So go ahead and have fun with dollhouse paint colors!

8 Responses to “Having fun with dollhouse paint colors”

  1. Louise Brown Says:

    I have built five dollhouses. Three from kits and two on my own. I have never used your dollhouse kits but would like to.

  2. B ob Mullally Says:

    We are building a Princess Anne for our great-grand daughters. What are the designations of the rooms?

  3. Nancy Gauerke Says:

    I am painting my Vermont Farmhouse the same colors as my house, Benjamin Moore Pilgrim Haze for the body, Van Deusen Blue for the door, shutters and window boxes and a slightly creamy white for the trim. It is going to look great.
    The sample sizes are good for the trim, but you should buy a quart of semi-gloss for the main color.

  4. jodi_towne Says:

    Hi, We sort of leave that up to the builder or the eventual owner of the dollhouse, but in looking at the house from the back, the first floor room on the left might be a kitchen/dining room, the right side might be a living room, upstairs right might be a bathroom or a bedroom, and upstairs left would be a bedroom, with the attic room perhaps being other bedrooms, playroom. You might think about adding our Colonial Junior addition (JM-44) and/or our Junior Conservatory addition (JM-66). This would give room for a bigger kitchen or living area. Whatever designation you choose, I’m sure your great-grand daughters will be thrilled! Best of luck with your project.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Yes! I am a huge fan of the 2 oz. Benjamin Moore sample paint jars for dollhouses. Some B.M. paint stores/dealers will mix up a pint-size sample can for between $6-7. It has the eggshell finish as can be found in the same 2 oz. jars. This is the perfect size for the main color in larger homes. Because it is a sample, it doesn’t have quite the same quality as actual paint, but then again, your dollhouse won’t be standing out in the weather, so it really doesn’t matter!

  6. Denny Says:

    I love the rock on the foundation and posts. I would like to use it on one of my projects. I have looked through out the Real Good Toys website with no luck. Could you tell us where you found it?

  7. Denny, the product I used for that fondation was Magic Stone. If you live near a dollhouse shop, just ask for it, otherwise, you can order it online from someone like me. Here is a link to this product on my site: http://www.dollhousejunction.com/product/ Says:

    Hi Denny,
    The product I used for this foundation is called Magic Stone. It can be found on my website in the “Finishing Supplies” Category.
    Here is a link to this product:
    You can vary the color of the sone by mixing in other colors and also touching it up with a sponge brush afte it is dry. You will want to spray it with an acrylic sealer then finished.
    Debbie McManus
    Lynlott Miniatures
    Pittsburgh, PA

  8. Berniece Koestler Says:

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