Find a Dollhouse Store in your area

Did you know every page on our website has a place to find a store in your area?  Besides the Store Finder link at the top of every page, it is also at the bottom of every page too!  We want our Store Finder to be just that.  A place to find a dollhouse and miniature store where you can walk in, actually see dollhouses displayed, and have your questions answered by a person who knows dollhouses.  Building, finishing and decorating a dollhouse is a big project.  Having a dollhouse and miniature store to rely on while you’re working on your dollhouse can make your project so much easier.  Your local dollhouse and miniature store can offer expert advice and construction support.  They specialize in personal attention and guidance.  Many stores offer classes and can help you with electrification, interior decorating and even landscaping!  They attend trade shows to find the newest miniature products for their stores and their customers.  Go to our Store Finder and enter your state to find the Dollhouse Dealer nearest you!

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