Dollhouses on Display at the Vermont Welcome Center

 The Vermont Welcome Center at Guilford VT is on route 91 in southern VT near Brattleboro.  It’s a lovely facility, a post-and-beam barn with displays of Vermont history, activities, and things of interest.  Real Good Toys was invited to display some of our dollhouses there to show Vermont craftsmanship.

Roadtrip!  I packed the van with two tables and four houses (a puzzle all by itself) and headed out with my daughter Charlotte for Guilford.   It was a beautiful late summer day, hardly a cloud in the sky and no traffic heading South.  In a couple of hours, we arrived  and we made connections with the Visitor Center Staff (we had to go into Massachusetts and turn around to get to the Welcome Center from the North-bound lane). 


Unloading dollhouses at the Vermont Welcome Center     MM1065, 1210, 4500, and LH100 on display at the Vermont Welcome Center  
As we unloaded people started gathering around right away, first to marvel at the items that, like a circus act, kept coming out of the van, and then at the houses themselves.  Of course, everyone loves a lighthouse! – and “look! the shingles are all individual pieces!!” “Did you make them?”  What fun.

The Visitor Center Staff is fantastic.  They were as welcoming as the name implies, helpful, enthusiastic, and delighted by the houses themselves.  They are excited by the chance to have these lovely things in their space and particularly the appeal to kids who come through the center (11000 visitors a month?).  The display came out really well and will showcase craftsmanship and the idea of miniatures to a great number of people.


Jean, Sue, Wendy, and Jon   The Painted Lady Dollhouse in the sunshine at the Vermont Welcome Center

I haven’t done a roadtrip since college days and I can’t help ruminating on how different the experience is.  Better!  I’m in the car with a grown daughter who has come along just because a roadtrip with dad sounds like fun, I’m driving in Vermont with some of the most beautiful scenery in the world on a gorgeous day, and I got to show off the work I love to some very nice folks – it doesn’t get any better than this!  On the way home, Charlotte chose a neat BBQ restaurant in Brattleboro, the Top of the Hill Grill, on rte. 5 one mile south of exit 3.  If you stop in, bring cash and a healthy appetite because the food is really, really good, and they don’t take credit cards.

  Welcome 06          South Royalton VT from interstate 89

So, if you find your way up the interstate to Vermont, stop in for a visit and be welcomed.  It’s a great trip! 

6 Responses to “Dollhouses on Display at the Vermont Welcome Center”

  1. Jon Evans Says:

    Gary! great to meet you and have your fine products on display here!

    best to you!


  2. Chet Bacon Says:

    Saw your display on my trip – wonderful! Might be nice to set up a village display. They were well done and I wish you well. A friend is rather interested in the kits. I wish you all the success

  3. Cary Lou Canfield Says:

    My husband and I drove up to Vermont from White Plains, NY this past week-end to visit friends. My friend recommended that we stop at the VT visitor’s center which we did and…..WOW! I saw your dollhouses. I’ve been telling friends for years that I wanted to make a dollhouse – a Victorian dolhouse – and there was the Painted Lady! Trouble is – I just this summer bought a huge handmade dollhouse at a flea market for $75.
    Husband, of course, thinks I’m nuts. I’m 73 years of age, we have 3 sons, 5 grandsons, not a girl in the family. So how can I justify TWO dollhouses? I’ll figure it out. Maybe I’ll just have to dream and enjoy your catalog.
    Thanks, Cary Lou Canfield

  4. chris_abrams Says:

    Dear Cary Lou,
    Thanks for your nice comment about our display at the VT Welcome Center! It’s always great to discover a passion too! It has been our experience that dollhouses are sometimes for children’s play, but ours are mostly purchased by adult collectors who often own more than one. There are some wonderful miniatures & dollhouse stores in your area and they can give you expert advice and help you meet other dollhouse enthusiasts – just check our “store finder”. or call RGT for a recommendation.
    Best, Chris for RGT
    PS – both of my 2 1/2 year old grandsons LOVE the log cabin dollhouse and play with it often.

  5. mike large Says:

    just wanted to let all you people know how special i think you are. i bought my first dollhouse (vermont farmhouse w/ two additions)thinking i will have it done by christmas,well its almost done now and i’m already talking with my new friend judy at just miniature scale in greensburg pa getting ready to buy my second next problem,all your houses are so beautiful i don’t know which one to buy . well i’m sure great people like judy and you my second house won’t be my last. thanks for your great product and superb workmanship.


    mike, elizabeth,pa

  6. chris_abrams Says:

    Thank-you Mike, we appreciate your kind words. Have a good day! ~ Chris