Dollhouse Donation brings good things to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital

Larry Fleming from Arizona needed a little help from his friends at Real Good Toys in early April.  He was building the Painted Lady dollhouse for a very special auction.  He realized, at some point, that he painted the interior window frames the wrong color and it just wouldn’t do.  He needed to order some more frames so he could correct his color scheme.  Time was of the utmost importance because there was a deadline for the auction donations to be submitted.

We got Larry the parts he needed in plenty of time for him to correct and finish the Painted Lady dollhouse.  This beauty was donated to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital for their Spring Auction, which is one of their biggest fundraisers.

The Painted Lady dollhouse by Larry FlemingThe Painted Lady dollhouse by Larry Fleming

Larry wished he had enough time to electrify the house but didn’t want to risk missing the deadline for submission.  They were able to purchase the wallpaper, textured ceiling paper and miscellaneous dollhouse building supplies from a couple of stores in the Phoenix area that have a very nice selection of miniatures and supplies.

Larry used Dutch Boy paint: Willy Willow for the housebody, Duncan’s Delight for the dark trim, Nectar Fizzle on the orange accents, Satin Brilliant White on the white accents and Kilz paint Golden Corn for the yellow accents.

Larry you did an amazing job and I’m sure the Phoenix Children’s Hospital was very grateful for your kind generosity!  Thank you so much for sharing with all of us!

Mini wishes – Jennifer

2 Responses to “Dollhouse Donation brings good things to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital”

  1. Barbara Lofton Says:

    I purchased the Victorian Painted Lady and everything went smooth up until the attic…The divider does not meet with the front…therefore it will prevent the roof from going on unless I leave out the divider…

    Any solution would be appreciated…

  2. gary_r Says:

    Hi Barbara
    Page 10 Illustration #23 should have had the Attic Front and the Attic Divider lining up on top. The Attic Divider moves side-to-side to match the Attic Front; so what’s making them not line up now?
    Here’s an assembly photo gallery on the website
    If you glued in the lower floors’ dividers instead of leaving them “temporary” back at step 17, I can help you take them out without any damage (see the “Taking Things Apart” blog)… then the dividers can be re-installed to line up with each other and line up with the stairholes (as the dividers in the photos above do).

    Best wishes