Customizing a Victoria’s Farmhouse, part 3

When I played with the miniatures in Customizing a Victoria’s Farmhouse, part 1, I made a floorplan with a bathroom on the second floor.  That uses up the doorway in the second floor divider, so I have some Divider Customization to do for a new door into the Master Bedroom.

Second floor floorplan for a Victoria's Farmhouse

Custom Bathroom Dividers in a JM-1065

The “New Dividers” are easy… I have a shop and piles of material to work with.  I cut a 6 x 9 divider and a 9 x 9 divider for the bathroom.  If you would like these (or some other) dividers custom cut for you, contact Jen at [email protected], and she’ll make it happen.

 the doorway is over the stairs   Door at the front edge of the divider

Putting a doorway at the top of the Stairs is a squeeze.  The regular door-placement in a divider puts the door over the staircase (‘don’t want those mini folks falling down the stairs!), so I’ll put the door cutout at the edge of the divider, and will modify the door trim to make it fit.  The door frame will bring the opening back another 1/4″ or so, and will put it over the top step (which is part of the floor surface), so my minifolks will be safe!

clearing cut

 I traced a door cutout onto the divider and made the first cuts straight up-and-down with a utility knife, several gentle cuts so I can follow the line.  Then a clearing cut with the knife at an angle to remove a “V” of material.  More straight cuts, more clearing cuts, lots of little cuts until I am all the way through.

install a divider      Custom divider with two doorways

 To install the Divider, I put glue all the way around, tip the divider until it is about 1/2″ from the front, the lift the floor above, tip the divider upright, and push it the rest of the way in.  I’ll put in the other divider and the attic partition, but not the bathroom dividers yet.  Then I’ll finish wiring.

I’ve got work to do

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3 Responses to “Customizing a Victoria’s Farmhouse, part 3”

  1. Mary Konkel Says:

    It is so great to have some detailed instructions on making changes
    to a new dollhouse. Thanks for sharing.

  2. joann Says:

    where do u get the curtains for the houses. do you have to make them yourself or buy them. do the have little rods to stick them on.

  3. jodi_towne Says:

    The curtains you see in our dollhouse photographs are just paper doiles cut to fit the window. We do not sell curtains. If you google dollhouse curtains, you will find many retailers that sell curtains and curtain supplies. There are also lots of artisans out there that make beautiful curtains.