Checkout the Progess on the 2012 Facebook Build-Along Project – The Puzzle Dollhouse Kit

WOW – Jodi and I never expected such a great response to our 2nd Annual Facebook Build-Along Project!  The Puzzle Dollhouse Kit has really resonated with many people who love to create something in mini.  I don’t think any of us really knew what we were getting into.  As we unpacked all of our 70+ parts and completed the inventory, there was a “what have we gotten ourselves into” moment.  We were certainly “puzzled” with the huge stack of parts we had but once you start playing with those blocks, your imagination takes over.  Before you know what’s happened, you’ve created a one-of-a-kind dollhouse, market, tree house, 2-car garage or book store.  Truly, the possibilities are endless.

We’ve seen a ton of ingenuity with the Puzzle Dollhouse Kit and it’s just the beginning.  We have several more months to complete our projects.  Good thing because Jodi & I have alot of work to do!  Jodi is creating a Coffee Shop with live-in apartment above.  She had a vision of a spiral staircase and with Gary’s help, this will definitely become a reality.  I have decided to build a custom 2-car garage with man cave on the 2nd floor.  I’ll be logging the garage to match my Ponderosa dollhouse and Jodi is using these amazing bricks (which are Made in Williamstown, VT).

One thing is for certain – this is not your typical mini project.  Usually you receive one of our kits, unpack the parts and start prepping the pieces with paint, stain, etc.  This kit is a little different because you actually have to create your own walls and glue your blocks together before you can even consider painting or staining.  This is a whole new experience for Jodi & I and I’m sure many of you too, but oh what fun we are having with everybody who is participating.

If you haven’t stopped by our Event Page, make sure you do so soon and see what is so puzzling about this Build-Along Project.  You can see mine and Jodi’s progress by checking out our Photo Albums on our Facebook Page – Real Good Toys Dollhouses.

Stay tuned next month for more on the 2012 Facebook Build-Along Project – The Puzzle Dollhouse Kit!

Mini wishes,

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