A Flash from the Past!

This old wooden dollhouse by Real Good Toys is a beauty.  I love to see what RGT has done in the past and this one is an oldie!!  We aren’t even sure what this fabulous log cabin with furniture was named as it was when John Javna owned Real Good Toys.  At that time, RGT was considered more of a craft shop instead of a premier manufacturer.  Jennifer H.  submitted these photos to us to find out a little bit about the history of this dollhouse.  She said she received it as a Christmas gift in either 1974 or 1975 when she was visiting an aunt in Vermont.


At the time this dollhouse was produced, John used to attend tradeshows, get the orders and then come back to Vermont and hire some people to produce the product.  We have no idea how many were made but it was most likely around 50-100 units.  This is definitely considered a collector’s item as it wasn’t massed produced.  Something to be passed down from generation to generation.  You can see even after 30+ years, this is in terrific shape.

Hovis-3  Hovis-4

John Javna’s girlfriend was into fabrics at the time and from what I’ve been able to find out, the cushions came with the dollhouse kit.  Jennifer said there was a bearskin rug, pillow and quilt too but some little critter ate them and she’s sad to not be able to replace them.  She’s hoping her sons will enjoy this dollhouse when they’re a little older.


Thanks so much for submitting these photos Jennifer.  It’s great to find out a little bit of the history behind Real Good Toys.

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  1. Hilda (Mickey) Keyser Says:

    You can’t beat or find a better doll house in the USA than Real Good Toys. That’s why I only build and sell, donate and give to the children in my neighborhood a Real Good Toys doll house.