30% discount for good deeds

Everyday Jennifer and I enjoy talking with and hearing about our customers’ projects and what they plan to do with them when they’re finished.  Some people build and finish their dollhouse kits to give as gifts to family members.  We hear from lots of grandparents, aunts and uncles who seem to have been “appointed” with the task of building a dollhouse.  Many people also build dollhouses to give to charity, whether it be a raffle, an auction or just a gift to an organization. Lots of folks make this a yearly project.  We admire all of them for their efforts because building a dollhouse kit is a labor of love.  For those of you planning to give your dollhouse to charity, Real Good Toys is here to help!  Did you know you can receive a 30% discount on any dollhouse kit that is to be built and donated to an organization for a fundraiser or  charity?  It’s really easy.  Just print, complete and return the Dollhouses for a Cause application.  Mail or fax back the application and Jennifer and I will review it and give you a call.  You will receive a 30% off Dollhouses for a Cause voucher for your charitable efforts.  How easy is that?  So take a look.  Jennifer and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

We always appreciate your interest in Real Good Toys dollhouses.

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6 Responses to “30% discount for good deeds”

  1. donna rohm Says:

    Oh wow this is great. I have already printed out my form. I have been building and donating to the housing authority each year (except last year) for Christmas. I try to find houses cheap on craigslist or ebay but now I can get at least one really nice one to build and donate. Thank you RGT for doing tis

  2. Myrt Fultz Says:

    This is wonderful! I also build dollhouses for charity functions as well as children who are very ill. I could not always get a new or as nice a kit as I would like,but would make do with what I could afford. At one church fuction, upon winning a dollhouse as a door prize, an elderly woman burst into tears stating she had always wanted a dollhouse, but coud never afford one.

    As I am disabled, there is not always something I can do for others. I have found that building dollhouses helps me forget my problems and work to help someone else feel better.
    Thank you Real Good Toys for making this offer!
    Myrt Fultz

  3. Pamela Hutzell Says:

    I love the new dollhouse The Bungalow! It is the perfect size and size and the amount of the rooms.
    keep up the Great work!

  4. Rita Says:

    Hello, Wow , this is a first and, I am very impressed ! I have been making dollhouses for a charity for the past 5 years . The name is ( make a difference Foundation ). Although this year in Aug. I had to pass because of a surgery ? I was so dissappointed But, hopefully next year I can jump right back in there and keep bldg. the dollhouses to raise money for handicap kids who really need help ! One year one of the dollhouses brought them in a wooping $1700.!! My eyes lit – up at the auction like christmas tree`s ! Thank you so much for helping with charities . It`s people like you that really make a difference in the World today . Thank you and, I look forward to sending you the info to start on a Home for the Homeless .
    Rita Aschenbrenner

  5. Joann Conaway Says:

    Wow! I always knew there was something special about RGT! I have built many of your dollhouses (I have seven grandddaughters) and I love dollhouses! Over the years I have donated several completed homes to charities to be auctioned or chanced off. I will certainly keep this offer in mind. As a former Realtor I have a soft spot in my heart for houses of all sizes and shapes. Thanks for making a difference in today’s world! Joann Conaway

  6. Mickey Keyser Says:

    Wow, you guys are great. I have donated to the local FSCA Women’s Club, they aution off the dollhouses and the money goes to a senior from Anne Arundel High School who is planning to go to college.
    Right now I am working with a 13 year old Spanish girl who lives next door to me. She is very interested in dollhouse but her family could not afford to buy her a good doll house and were looking for a plastic one. I could not afford to buy a Real Good Toys doll house along with all the cost for flooring, wall paper, etc so I had to settle for a cheap house from Corona. I sure wish I had known about you discount, oh well maybe next time. Keep up the good work.