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The First Lady Dollhouse

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

The First Lady Dollhouse

One of my most favorite things to do at Real Good Toys is to dig through old dollhouse archives, sorting through old pictures and dollhouse history. I don’t often get to do that except when a customer has a request, and recently we’ve had a few inquiries about the “First Lady” dollhouse from the 1980’s. Many of you long time miniaturists may remember this grand creation and the story that surrounds it.  It’s a bit of Real Good Toys history that is worth sharing.

Real Good Toys was approached in the fall of 1980 by an interior designer. He claimed to have been selected by Rosalynn Carter to create the 1980 White House Christmas display. He wanted Real Good Toys to provide a dollhouse to add to the old fashioned Victorian style display. As you might imagine, Jim Abrams and John Javna, then partners, were not at all sure this was a legitimate request.  Over the years people had suggested projects that never happened, so their skepticism was warranted.  This designer had seen our dollhouses at a New York City miniatures show and was quite sure he wanted a Real Good Toys dollhouse.  He wanted a bricked Victorian with a tower, wraparound porch, lots of gingerbread…the works.  That’s when it hit Jim and John…this was real. A Real Good Toys dollhouse was going to the White House!! (more…)

Dog House Kit in 1 inch Scale for Your Miniature Dollhouse

Monday, March 12th, 2012

Our 1 inch scale Dog House kit is now NEW & IMPROVED!  The old die-cut version of this kit was so popular that when it came time to manufacture this kit again, we decided the kit itself could be greatly improved if we were to laser cut versus die-cut.

The new & improved Dog House kit features 1/8 inch thick laser cut pieces and assembles easily.  The finished dollhouse dog house measures 2 1/2″W x 3 1/4″D x 2 7/8″H.

Come on, doesn’t your mini dog deserve a nice place to live and a bone?  That’s what I thought, order your Dog House kit today!

Mini wishes,