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Dollhouse Merchant Spotlight: D & J Hobby and Crafts, Campbell, CA

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

D & J Hobby and Crafts store front

Life in a small town is nice, but it sure can be boring. Janet Pozzi grew up in Klickitat, WA, a town of about 400 residents near the Oregon border. She left to go to college, but never forgot the boredom, and sometimes trouble, that growing up in her small town could bring. She wanted to give kids something fun and positive to do.  Janet just knew her calling was to help bring families together and give children a healthy outlet for their creativity, so in 1971, she opened the doors to D & J Hobby and Crafts shop in Campbell, CA.

Jason and Darrell Pozzi

Janet worked in the 1600 sq. ft. store almost completely on her own until 1978, when the business out grew that space.  She moved the store to a larger 7500 sq. ft. space and her husband, Darrell, left his job at Lockheed Martin to help run the store.  Today, almost 40 years later, D & J Hobby and Crafts has grown to a 20,000 sq. ft. bustling store.  With Janet and Darrell all but retired, their son Jason Pozzi, runs the family business. Jason is dedicated to his mother’s original vision.

What makes D & J Hobby and Crafts unique is the diversity of their products.  This combination of hobbies and crafts in the same place is hard to find. D & J has three departments. Crafts, which includes dollhouses, R/C, and Hobbies, which includes models, games and trains. The store carries everything from yarn and leather working supplies to board games and puzzles, to radio control cars, trains, planes, and helicopters. Indeed, there is something for everyone at D & J, which is just how Janet likes it.

A large selection of miniatures at D & J

The dollhouse department at D & J Hobby and Crafts

Not only does D & J sell hobbies and crafts, they enjoy them too!  Most employees take their work home with them as their own hobbies and pastimes. Jason, Janet and Darrell are no exception. Jason loves to build and race R/C cars. Janet loves macrame and candle making, and Darrell can’t resist a good puzzle!  This kind of expertise helps Jason and his staff choose the best hobbies and crafts to carry in the store.  D & J employees love talking to customers about their own experiences with hobbies and crafts. Sometimes customers bring their completed projects back into the store to share. Many of their customers are much more than just customers…they’re a community. D & J Hobby and Crafts has a new classroom and hosts classes on many different subjects. Hosting customers is their greatest joy and it allows hobby and craft enthusiasts of all ages and demographics to share their interests face to face.

Jason is not only continuing his family’s dream, but he is expanding it as well. He has taken the nostalgia of classic hobbies and crafts and given them a cutting edge.You can find D & J in YouTube videos and on Facebook.This presence allows hobbyists from anywhere to participate in online discussions about the latest products. Also, they have a great website to visit at Now D & J Hobby and Crafts is at your fingertips. If you find yourself traveling through the San Francisco/San Jose area of California, a visit to D & J is a must!

Parking Lot Tent Sale & Events, July 10 & 11, 2010

Despite all the hustle and bustle of the Silicon Valley, D & J is just your average Mom and Pop store. Just like their slogan says…If it’s fun, we’ve got it!

The store is located at 96 N. San Thomas Aquino Road, Campbell, CA  95008

You can reach them by phone at 408-379-1696.

Store hours are M-W 10-8, Th-Fr 10-9, Sat 10-7, Sun 11-7.

Bespaq Miniatures: The Industry Standard

Monday, June 21st, 2010

Have you ever wondered how our creative miniature manufacturers got their start? Recently the Dollhouse Miniatures Merchants Association did a feature profile on Bespaq Miniatures. As many miniaturists know, Bespaq has become one of the most respected manufacturers in the miniature industry. They are the premier manufacturer of fine miniature furnishings. Their workmanship is exquisite and you’ll find that no two pieces are alike.

"Lorraine" Chair from the Bespaq French Country Collection

"Renee" Side Table by Bespaq Miniatures

J.P. Ginsburg, also known as Pit, began his journey in the miniature industry by working with a high end children’s store that specialized in traditional (and ordinary) toys and miniatures. Not satisfied with the choices of miniatures, Pit embarked on filling the void. He began to create his own unique designs and make his own miniature furniture, bringing new excitement to the miniature industry. This foray landed Pit the position of designer and sales manager. Lest you think it’s easy to copy and reduce to create miniatures, Pit says it’s just not that easy. He says “There is an art to miniaturization”. Find out about that process by reading the full story at the Dollhouse Miniatures Merchants Association Facebook page.  You’ll become familiar with one of our most important miniature industry leaders.

LED Lighting in a Miniatures Showcase

Monday, June 7th, 2010
I’ve been answering questions about our new Extrabrite LED striplights and how to use them (and a picture is worth 1000 words!), so here’s the scoop:

LED lights are perfect for lighting up a display.

They are small, easy to install, and easy to keep out of the way; they are bright and use very little power; and they last a long, long time.  But the big advantage in LEDs inside a closed display is that LEDs turn most of their power into light – they make much less heat than incandesent bulbs so there’s no need for venting or fans. (more…)