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Dollhouse Merchant Spotlight: The Doll House Shop, Richmond, VA

Wednesday, March 31st, 2010

Tom O'Dea, owner of The Doll House Shop in Richmond, VA

Tom O’ Dea, owner of The Doll House Shop, started building doll houses when his daughter was four years old.  She’s grown now and no longer plays with dolls.  But Tom just keeps building doll houses. In 2001, for reasons known only to him, he decided to open a small business to build and sell doll houses. Maybe someone would want to buy them. Well…they did! Not just buy what he made, but give him specific designs and ideas for their dream dollhouses. Can you build this house? Sure. Can you put lights in it?  Sure.  What about running water? Sure. An elevator? Why not. Central air…now hold on just a minute!

Dollhouses at The Doll House Shop in Richmond, VA

From that concept evolved a full-fledged dollhouse operation in Richmond, VA. The shop includes construction studios as well as a complete supply of accessories, furniture and building supplies. Tom specializes in custom dollhouses and doll house repair, and can electrify your dollhouse to add yet another touch of distinctiveness to your keepsake. He takes enormous pride in creating his dollhouses and miniatures. Tom can even create a dollhouse that is a replica of your own home! (more…)

Win a beautiful dollhouse

Friday, March 26th, 2010

Limited Edition Colonial Promo dollhouse by Real Good Toys

My Doll’s House in Torrance, CA is celebrating their 20th anniversary. Join them in celebrating this milestone.  In July they will be drawing for a completely built Limited Edition Colonial Dollhouse by Real Good Toys.  Can you just imagine?  Will you be the lucky winner?  Second and third prizes are great too!  You can register for the drawing each time you purchase $25 or more from now until July 31, 2010. What should you do if you don’t live near My Doll’s House?  Just give Marj a call and she will take your phone order for $25 or more. She will be happy to enter you in the contest!  How easy is that! Just remember…if you win and you live far away from Torrance, CA, shipping charges will apply. Stop by the store or call Marj at 310-320-4828 for all the details.

Congratulations, My Doll’s House, for 20 years of dollhouse magic!

Chips Dollhouse Adventure for Sydney

Thursday, March 25th, 2010

Chip’s daughter Sydney informed her dad in 2008 that she wanted him to build her a dollhouse for her birthday and she wanted to help.  Sydney was five at the time.  The youngest of two daughters, Chip says she is the quintessential little girl, fascinated by dresses and dolls, and in every sense, a little lady. (more…)

Designing a New Dollhouse

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Bungalow DetailsWhat does it take to design a dollhouse?  I am seeing a lot of energy on the new Facebook page “New Design Suggestions for RGT”, with enthusiasm and great ideas for new dollhouses.  You might find it interesting how one of our new designs, the Bungalow, came around.


Ruminations on Life and Dollhouses.

Wednesday, March 10th, 2010

Bob DeOrsey of The Dollhouse Builder in Port St. Lucie, Florida will soon be turning 80, and he wrote us recently, sharing his thoughts and his story.

He’s not quite sure why, but at this stage in his life, Bob has begun to reflect on things that have influenced him.  It is these ruminations that make him realize how much the dollhouse industry, especially Real Good Toys, has affected his life and the turns it has taken.

Bob, formerly of Maryland, has been building things for over 30 years.  He has spent his life building model boats, airplanes and trains and at the prompting of his wife Anne, he built his first dollhouse. When his son was born, he built a firehouse from some plans he found in an ad…and so it goes…he jumped right into the miniature industry.  He tells us he’s built at least one Real Good Toys dollhouse a year for over 25 years.  Bob has visited our factory and enjoyed seeing our Assembly Department and visiting with some of our employees.  His enthusiasm is refreshing.

Bob and his wife Anne retired in 2004 and moved to Florida to enjoy golf and to be closer to their son, Matt and his family.  Bob and Anne were enjoying life with their family, when tragedy struck.  Their son suddenly and unexpectedly died during a seizure just short of his 31st birthday in January 2008.  Bob and his family are learning to live with unthinkable sorrow and grief.

Bob DeOrsey and his custom finished Hawthorne dollhouse by Real Good Toys

Matt was a star soccer player, advancing to a semi-pro team before moving to Florida.  A group of Matt’s friends and teammates wanted to rasie funds for the Epilepsy Foundation of the Chesapeake Region.  They put together an incredible event called DeOFest.  This event has raised over $20,000 for the foundation.  Bob built and donated a Real Good Toys dollhouse and raised the most money of any item in their silent auction.  Matt’s widow has become very active with the Epilepsy Foundation of Florida and for their fundraiser for Epilepy Awareness Month, Bob built a Real Good Toys Dollhouse for the silent auction, and once again, it was the best moneymaker.  (more…)

Dollhouse Merchant Spotlight: Happily Ever After, Ashburn, VA

Monday, March 1st, 2010

Happily Ever After, Ashburn, VA

When you’re in the Northern Virginia area, make sure you visit Happily Ever After for all of your dollhouses, miniatures and dolls. They pride themselves in friendly, helpful service offering a wonderful collection of dollhouses and miniatures. Happily Ever After will repair, renovate and construct all types of dollhouses. From custom-built projects to a simple adapter-wiring job, they are always happy to help their customers. Their home decorating center allows customers to completely coordinate their wallpapers, floorings, and interior trims. Being able to see and coordinate all the items together creates their perfect interior design. The staff at Happily Ever After takes pride in their ability to guide their customers to their ultimate goals. Sometimes, with the availability of their varied styles of furnishings and accessories, they are able to “stage” their customers’ ideas and offer insight into their dream dollhouse. (more…)