Vermont dollhouse donation brings many rewards.

Our local senior crafters have once again brought joy to a special group of children. The resident girls age 7-9 at the Kurn Hattin Home* in Westminster, VT, previously made a dollhouse out of a cardboard box. They had fun, but wished for the “real” thing.

Mr. & Mrs. McIntyre, of Westview Meadows, heard about the girls’ dream and contacted Real Good Toys to ask if we could help. A dollhouse kit was chosen and delivered to the Westview Meadows Senior Crafters who have built and finished more then 100 dollhouses for charities throughout the state. Having plenty of experience, they got right to work. In just a few weeks they arranged to surprise the girls with the beautiful finished dollhouse.

Finished dollhouse delivery.

Finished dollhouse delivery.

When their stunning Victorian “Painted Lady” was brought through the door, the girls literally jumped for joy and filled the room with shrieks of laughter, as well as some happy tears. Everyone’s heart was full.


We wish the children at Kurn Hattin many happy hours of play and once again thank the seniors at Westview Meadows for generously giving their time to a worthy cause.

Doll house dreams come true!

Doll house dreams come true!

If you or your organization would like to do a good deed and donate a Real Good Toys dollhouse to one of your favorite charities please visit your local dollhouse retailer and discuss their donation policy or go to “Dollhouses for a Cause” on our web site.


*Since 1894, Kurn Hattin has helped thousands of at-risk children by providing a safe home and a quality education in a caring nurturing environment.


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