The Versatile Dollhouse

CVCAC Weatherization Dollhouse

Recently Central Vermont Community Action Council (CVCAC) came to Real Good Toys to help with their Weatherization Project. CVCAC offers weatherization services that include an energy audit to find out how your house can be made more energy efficient and comfortable. Energy renovation services include adding insulation, fixing holes, caulking cracks and gaps and improving ventilation.

Air can leak where electrical outlets are placed

Air leaks can be caused by wall penetrations that aren't sealed properly

The weatherization crew was scheduled to attend some local energy and home expos soon, and they thought a dollhouse would be just the tool they were looking for to demonstrate the no cost weatherization services they provide to income qualified Vermonters. We thought that was a great idea too! CVCAC purchased the Real Good Toys Ready-to-Decorate Finished Vermont Farmhouse dollhouse from our Factory Outlet Store to become their weatherization demo dollhouse. It was fun to work with them helping to decide how they might use certain materials to demonstrate the services they provide. They felt it was going to be much more effective to be able to show people where air can leak from your home rather than just telling them about it. They created a framed in wall with electrical wiring and plumbing, an outside electrical panel and garden hose, all showing penetrations that may not be sealed properly causing potential air leaks. They also showed how air can leak around the chimney in the attic.

Air can leak around a fireplace and chimney

The crew plans to electrify the dollhouse and do more work on depicting the weatherization services they provide, but so far the weatherization dollhouse has been a hit!  We hope that the word “leaks” out to other energy organizations so they can create a weatherization dollhouse to use in their energy education programs. Real Good Toys was very happy to have one of our dollhouses be part of this important project.

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