The Lucky Dollhouse Winner!

The Lucky Dollhouse Winner!

Back in March we blogged about a contest that My Doll’s House in Torrance, CA was having. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Marj DeKoster, the owner of My Doll’s House, decided to have a drawing for a finished Real Good Toys Limited Edition Colonial Dollhouse. Recently they had the drawing and the lucky winner was Fay K. from Kingman, AZ.  If you think Fay looks happy, you would be right. Marj told us she was ecstatic! Fay drives from Kingman, AZ to Torrance, CA once a month to shop at My Doll’s House…a 6 hour drive one way! Congratulations to Fay for winning the dollhouse. Now she will have to shop for miniatures to fill it. Congratulations to Marj and My Doll’s House for 20 years of providing amazing service, guidance and knowledge to miniaturists of all abilities and ages.  The dollhouse and miniature industry appreciates and values your hard work!

5 Responses to “The Lucky Dollhouse Winner!”

  1. Fay Kelley Says:

    I am the winner, and I can truthfully tell you that I am on cloud 9 having won this dollhouse.

    I would like to thank Marge for always being so helpful, and for having given this opportunity to so many of us who just loves miniatures. Lucky me, to have won it, and believe me I don’t ever win anything. This house and me were meant to be together I guess!!

    And, thank you Real Good Toys for having built such a wonderful dollhouse.

    I am looking forward to wallpapering it, flooring it, and decorating it with furniture and accessories. Fun, fun, fun! Fay

  2. Sara Jaqua Says:

    Congratulations to Fay! As such a dedicated customer, she certainly has earned this dollhouse.

  3. Monica Says:

    Congrats on winning on that beautiful house!

    I LOVE the way they expanded the 3rd floor roof outward. It is so hard to furnish and decorate the third floors with those alanted, pitched roofs.

  4. Sherry Greshamer Says:

    I want one!