The J-Team ventures into dollhouse wiring


The Kiwi-The lights are on!

Our Lilliput® Kiwi Cottage Dollhouse Kit is finally done!  After adding some finishing touches, Jen and I can proudly say that we have successfully wired a dollhouse!  Seeing your hard work come to fruition is very satisfying.  But isn’t that the case with every dollhouse you build or miniature you create?

Come on in. We've left the light on for you!

We started the Kiwi with the idea that we would focus on wiring and lighting and not so much on the finishing details.  Having said that, we still put stucco on the exterior and wallpapered a couple of rooms.  We wanted to  experience several different wiring situations while working with a couple of different fixtures. To wire a dollhouse is to take a real leap of faith.  We did lots and lots of prep work, running tapewire, spackling and using liner paper to hide the wiring.  Then we tested our work.  We actually held our breath when we held the tester to the tapewire to confirm good connections.  And then….there was light.  We got that “kid on Christmas morning feeling”.  We were on a roll. With good connections all around, we started putting in eyelets wherever we were planning to plug in our lights.  Jen and I actually rewired a couple of fixtures (under Gary’s tutelage, of course), before installing them.  We dealt with tiny, tiny wires that had to be pushed into tiny, tiny holes.  Our glee was a bit premature, because when we plugged in our fixtures, a couple of them didn’t work.  So we popped out the eyelets, inserted a small piece of wire to help the connection, put the eyelets back in…and tried again.  Oh my, now our glee had turned to glum.  Two fixtures still didn’t work.  That’s when we turned our backs and Gary, the dollhouse wiring wizard, MADE them work.  He fiddled and fussed, cast a spell over them, and that was that.  You will have to ask Gary what tricks he used to make those contrary fixtures work.  Needless to say, he was our hero that day and our glee returned.

Sit right down, read a book and wait for Santa!

 I know, I know, not everyone has Gary to help them when things go awry.  Jen and I are very lucky to have him to turn to, but believe me, if we can wire a dollhouse, anyone can.  Be patient and be prepared to back track if necessary.  Do overs are acceptable, but the more planning you do before you start the better.  Every dollhouse builder should try their hand at wiring.  Lighting really does make a doll house a doll home.

Lighting makes this dollhouse inviting.

Jen and I have completed 3 dollhouse projects at Real Good Toys.  Additionally, Jen and her family are working on a big dollhouse project at home.  All of this experience has added to our repertoire of dollhouse building skills, and we have become much more confident and adept at helping our customers with their construction questions.  Personally, building dollhouses has given me a self-confidence that no other craft has given me.  I think the creative spark that you get when you start a build excites your mind, and mini thoughts can consume you if you let them.  Our sweet little Kiwi will go to our Factory Outlet to become the treasure of some lucky person who purchases her.  We hope that she will excite her new owner to be creative and…that all the lights still work when they get her home. ♥

With lots of creative thoughts fresh in our minds, Jen and I are anxious to begin planning our 2012 Facebook Build Along. Exciting details are soon to come!

“Things are not difficult to make.  What is difficult is putting ourselves in a state of mind to make them.” C. Brancusi

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