The J-Team ventures into dollhouse wiring

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011


The Kiwi-The lights are on!

Our Lilliput® Kiwi Cottage Dollhouse Kit is finally done!  After adding some finishing touches, Jen and I can proudly say that we have successfully wired a dollhouse!  Seeing your hard work come to fruition is very satisfying.  But isn’t that the case with every dollhouse you build or miniature you create?

Come on in. We've left the light on for you!

We started the Kiwi with the idea that we would focus on wiring and lighting and not so much on the finishing details.  Having said that, we still put stucco on the exterior and wallpapered a couple of rooms.  We wanted to  experience several different wiring situations while working with a couple of different fixtures. To wire a dollhouse is to take a real leap of faith.  We did lots and lots of prep work, running tapewire, spackling and using liner paper to hide the wiring.  Then we tested our work.  We actually held our breath when we held the tester to the tapewire to confirm good connections.  And then….there was light.  We got that “kid on Christmas morning feeling”.  We were on a roll. (more…)

ExtraBrite LED, Power Supply update

Tuesday, May 17th, 2011

Roombox Lighting with  ExtraBrite LEDsRoombox lighted with LED striplight 



Dollhouse Construction: order of interior finishing

Monday, March 9th, 2009

What should I finish inside the house before I install my stairs?

If you set your stair-base into the stair cutout, you’ll see that what’s behind it becomes hard to reach because the stairs are in the way.  That’s what should be completed first.  In some houses, it’s wallpaper (or painting), flooring, and window trim.  Depending on what choices you have made, you might be installing Porch Lights (which get wired to the inside of the house) even before wallpapering.  Plan for the things that will be done inside your house before you start gluing things in. 

I received a photo from a builder who made paper-cutouts of everything she planned for her house and layed them more-or-less in place around the house… wiring, built-in cabinets, bathroom fixtures and dividers, they were all there.  What a great way to plan the inside of the house.  Doing this, or something like this, will help visualize the steps that get from an empty space to a completed, finished, and furnished interior.