Surprise from Arizona!

I am always getting emails from customers who build our dollhouses and a lot of times they end up sending photos – which is completely wonderful!  Recently, Phyllis M. from Surprise, AZ sent us a slew of photos to check out.  Phyllis herself has wanted a real dollhouse for 53 years and her dream finally came true with the purchase of a Victoria’s Farmhouse dollhouse kit. 

Her husband, Nick, had never built a dollhouse or dealt with miniatures before this experience.  Phyllis said he did a super job and even electrified the house for her.  They said the product was excellent, all the pieces were there, the instructions were good and the online help was excellent! 

They customized their Victoria’s Farmhouse and even did a bunch of landscaping.  They tweaked the kit a bit by deleting the staircases to obtain more room, they used real asphalt shingles and other things like that.  Nick made the front yard fence by hand, using scraps leftover from not using the staircases plus he was able to order more wood from us to complete the project.

Phyllis said she is thrilled with the final product and you can tell by all the photos she sent.  Thank you so much for sharing your dollhouse with us Phyllis – you both have a great imagination and did a terrific job!

Check out all of Phyllis and Nick’s photos here!  They are located at the bottom of page 1 and all of page 2.

Mini Wishes,  Jennifer

8 Responses to “Surprise from Arizona!”

  1. Dena Francia Says:

    Hi, Wonderful house. Thanks for sharing. I am working on the Woodstock and I live in Chandler, AZ. Love to see a neighbor with the same wonderful hobby. Phyllis, you did a fantansic job. I love all the details. again thanks, Dena

  2. Carol Hall Says:

    Beautiful House. I live in Chandler AZ and am working on the RGT Newport. Keeps me busy during the long hot summer. Your house is inspiring.

    Thanks for the photos


  3. Lynn Panici Says:

    Phyllis, what a beautiful project! After seeing the house in person prior to completion, I’m sure the photos do not do it justice. Which just proves how gorgeous it truly is. It’s magnificent; you must be so proud!
    Thank you for sharing! – Lynn

  4. BJ Says:

    I also wanted a dollhouse for over 25 years. I didn’t have a clue where to start. Last summer I purchased a doll house that was furnished, decorated all for $50. Then last week I purchased another house (from Goodwill) that was built but nothing more done to it. I only hope that mine will look half as good as Phyllis’!! Great job and remember: You can never have too many dollhouses. (I have a kit to work on when I finish this last one.) My family thought it was crazy at first but now they buy miniatures for my house.
    Good luck I hope to see more of your work in the future.

  5. Mariel Says:

    My husband bought me a Victoria’s Farmhouse this Christmas and I was so happy to receive it from him. I always dreamed of having a big doll house when I was a kid and after 36 years my husband made it come true, this is so amazing – a BIG dollhouse and I love this Victoria’s Farmhouse very much. Something to start and get busy with and these photos just gave me ideas for this wonderful dollhouse. I can’t wait to start my project… I love it and my kids will too. Thank you for sharing these pictures.

  6. Frank Says:

    Is there a dollhouse store near Mesa AZ? We spend some time there in the winter.

  7. jennifer_fitzgerald Says:

    Hi Frank…you can see all the stores in AZ by clicking our Store Finder link at the very top of the page. Simply put in AZ as the state and you’ll get the listing of all stores that we sell to in this area. I hope this helps! Thanks for your inquiry and have a great day.

  8. eric Says:

    Hi, I am near completion of my Victorias Farmhouse and was wondering if i could send a couple pics to you for some feedback? I love your photos and work. Thank you, Eric