Real Good Toys Now Sells Furniture Sets

We’ve had numerous requests from our customer’s who are looking for one stop shopping.  NEW at Real Good Toys, you can purchase 1 inch scale or 1/12th scale Town Square Miniature furniture sets, at a terrific price.  We are offering some our best selling dollhouse miniature furniture sets, for the living room, bathroom, bedroom, children’s room, nursery (coming soon), kitchen and dining.  Not to mention the modern family dolls, Victorian dolls, china & copper sets, and they are all available online for your convenience.  New items will added occasionally so make sure to stop back and see What’s New at RGT!

Mini wishes – Jen

9 Responses to “Real Good Toys Now Sells Furniture Sets”

  1. PamelaMcnealy Says:

    Great idea. I look forward to your sale dolls in the fall. Dont forget to include barbershop equipment.

  2. Delores Owen Says:

    Great idea as long as I don’t have to assemble the furniture myself! Don’t forget holiday decorations, preferably lighted. Dollhouse people are extremely difficult to find. I hope you have a good selection.

  3. pat beason Says:

    Great idea.

  4. Sandra Coy Says:

    Do you have names of people that make quality and beautiful dolls for Dollhouses.

  5. jennifer_fitzgerald Says:

    Hi Sandra – I wasn’t sure who to refer you to so I asked our fans on Facebook and they gave all sorts of great leads. You should check it out here:

    Hope this helps! Mini wishes – Jennifer

  6. Ruth Owens Says:

    I like assembling the furniture kits, but they are hard to find now–some on ebay, but I don’t want to bid, I want to buy!

  7. Jewel Shea Says:

    I am inquiring if there are furniture kits to make my own furniture for my dollhouse. Please respond!

  8. jennifer_fitzgerald Says:

    Hi Jewel, we do not have any furniture kits available but there are miniature furniture kits out there. I would do a Google search for Miniature Dollhouse Furniture Kits. Hope this helps!

  9. Jewel Says:

    Thank you !