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1/2 Inch Scale Dollhouses

Beautiful 1/2 inch scale dollhouses pictures!

23 Photos

1st Annual Build-Along Project 2011

Pictures of our 1st Annual Build-Along Project 2011. Great imaginations create something unique in miniature.

129 Photos

2nd Annual Build-Along Project 2012

Finished Photos from our 2nd Annual Build-Along Project 2012 featuring the Puzzle Dollhouse Kit.

93 Photos

3rd Annual Build-Along Project 2013

Finished photos from our 3rd Annual Build-Along Project featuring JJ's Dollhouse Cottage. This is the first year we have offered the build-along kit in both 1 inch and 1/2 inch scale.

76 Photos


Whether it's our traditional RR29 1 inch scale barn or the RR38 1/3 larger barn, each can be unique but provides lots of imaginative play.

3 Photos

Junior Series Dollhouses

Photos of our Junior Series dollhouses as built by our customers.

114 Photos


New England Lighthouse Photos as made by our Real Good Toys customers!

20 Photos

Lilliput® Dolllhouses

Photos of Lilliput® Dollhouses submitted and built by our Real Good Toys customers.

13 Photos

Lincoln Springfield Home Customized

Photos of the custom Lincoln Springfield Home dollhouse kit.

9 Photos

Log Cabins

Here are some wonderful photos of our Real Good Toys Log Cabins as built by our customers (also wonderful!).

12 Photos

Montclair & Foxhall Manor Photos

Customer photos of the Montclair and Foxhall Manor Dollhouses by Real Good Toys.

24 Photos

New Concept Houses

New Concept Collection Dollhouse Photos.

72 Photos

RGT Customer Photos

A variety of dollhouse photos, submitted to Real Good Toys, by the great people who buy our products!

86 Photos


The Simplicity® Dollhouse was born from the Simplicity® Pattern Company's request for a dollhouse to showcase their miniature furnishings patterns. This kit is the EASIEST dollhouse to build!

9 Photos

Kids Kamp 2010 - Miniature Memories, Tucson AZ

The annual Kids Kamp in Tucson AZ is perfect for someone who's looking to have fun and learn a great new hobby!

15 Photos