Museum of Miniatures: CBS explores the Dollhouse World

Earliest Dollhouse - Museum of the City of New York

I found an old handwritten note the other day about a great news broadcast about dollhouses and miniatures.  “A World Of Dollhouses” was aired on CBS Sunday Morning in December, 2007.

In the video, Rita Braver takes a tour through the tiny world of doll houses. Some of the displayed models were built from Real Good Toys dollhouse kits! The video also highlights some phenomenal miniature collections from Ginger Landon Siegal’s collection and the Museum of the City of New York dollhouses.

Many adults may consider dollhouses mere child’s play, but doll house collecting is now a lucrative business.  You can read the full article, “It’s A Small World After All,” which goes more in depth into the subject.

I hope you enjoyed the show and the article.  Please add your comments for others to enjoy.

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