Miniaturist of the Month – Sabrina Turner

“If you can’t have it in REAL life, you might as well have it in MINI.” That’s the motto of our Miniaturist of the Month, Sabrina Turner.  Sabrina is originally from Charlottesville, VA and now lives in Waldorf, MD, where she works as a paralegal with the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Washington, D.C. When she’s not busy with her miniatures, you might find Sabrina riding her motorcycle or studying for her Master’s Degree in Legal Studies.  Amid all of these interesting things, Sabrina also is the proud mother of 2 sons and 4 grandsons.

RGT 3200 Series shell

Le Reve Estate, a custom RGT 3200 Series Shell

Sabrina built her first dollhouse in 1995, but she didn’t have the opportunity to build a Real Good Toys dollhouse until 2003.  She received a 3200 Series Shell Dollhouse Kit for Christmas. Fast forward twelve years and look what she’s done with this shell kit!  Sabrina calls this dollhouse “Le Reve Estate” and the mansion measures just shy of 7 feet long.  It has three extensions and a garage.  She considers it one of her prized possessions, and as most miniaturists, she is still decorating the interior.  Sabrina5Sabrina6Sabrina7

RGT Foxhall Manor

Sabrina’s Foxhall Manor with conservatory and custom garage

RGT Thornhill

Sabrina’s Thornhill






Sabrina supplied us with many wonderful interior shots of her “mini mansions”, so I chose just a few to share. Her interior work is just as spectacular as her exterior work! Over the years, Sabrina has collected many miniatures in her travels and she says Le Reve Estate has a significant place in her home, regally sitting on its own custom built table with wheels. You’ll notice a couple of snazzy looking vehicles in her pictures, such as the miniature versions of a Lexus LS400 and a Range Rover Sport.  Sabrina has also built the Foxhall Manor and the Thornhill.  Next up is the Newport with two extensions and on her wish list is the Queen Anne. The Windsor, Victoria’s Farmhouse, Alison Jr. and Victorian Cottage Jr. are some other dollhouses she has built. She is an expert on Real Good Toys dollhouses!


RGt General Store

Sabrina’s Gucci store

Presently she is working on a General Store and has turned it into a Gucci store.  All of these beautiful creations make up her Real Good Toys Millionaire’s Row. Sabrina is hoping to add more shops to her “mini millionaire neighborhood” and says that each of her dollhouses has been, and will be, built in honor of her four sisters and herself. As Sabrina says, “What better way to own the most prestigious mansions without having to worry about mortgages, electric bills, association dues, etc…!”

I am a TRUE RGT fan!!

All we can say is “WOW”.  Thank you so much for sharing your exquisite work Sabrina.  Keep it up. We can’t wait to see what you have up your sleeve!!

Would you like to be our next Miniaturist of the Month?  Email me at [email protected] for all the details!

11 Responses to “Miniaturist of the Month – Sabrina Turner”

  1. Margo DiPatri Says:

    Gorgeous work with amazing attention to detail!

  2. Mary Bobbitt Says:

    I would LOVE to see the insides of these. I am working on a Foxhall Manor so I would especially love to see those interiors.

  3. jodi_towne Says:

    Hi Mary,

    Sabrina did supply me with several interior shots of her dollhouses, but I couldn’t post all of them. I will give Sabrina your email and she can send them to you if you like.

  4. Jo Dixon Says:

    Fabulous dollhouses! Excellent job, Sabrina! I love that you’ve added garages – makes them more realistic. Sabrina either IS or WAS a wealthy woman as these houses and their furnishings aren’t a cheap hobby. Enjoyed seeing Sabrina’s work – would like to see more. Thanks, RGT for sharing her work.

  5. jane rezza Says:

    Sabrina beautiful work . I am on my 13th doll house .Started them when caring for my family and feeling a lack of control of my world .. they gave me a sense of empowerment besides filling the voids I needed to stay awake through to complete my daily care giving .I built one house to enclose my memories of my son who passed -recreating his first bedroom to the french toast he would cook for us before his injury .it gives me comfort to view this home especially and recall the little things that have come to mean so much .

  6. OC Says:

    Truly beautiful and refreshing!

  7. Marjie O. Says:

    Beautiful work Bri. Glad to see you get recognition for your skills and talent.

  8. LaToya G Says:

    I love your passion and your attention to detail!

  9. Sabrina Says:

    Thank you all for the kind remarks! Mary, please email be at [email protected], I will be happy to share interior photos.

    RGT is truly what makes this hobby fun. There are no other mini mansions like them! 🙂

  10. Stacy Says:

    Congrats Sabrina!

  11. Nancy Says:

    Congratulations Sabrina! Love what you have done with your builds. Thanks for sharing! Would love to see more!