Miniature Memories Annual Kids Kamp Builds Real Good Toys Lemon Twist Dollhouse Kit

Miniature Memories LLC in Tucson, Arizona conducted it’s Annual Kids Kamp in July 2010.  They had two sessions, the first one was July 13th – 17th and they had 10 participants ranging in age from 9-13.  This session had nine girls and one boy.  The second session was July 27th – 31st and they had four participants ranging in age from 8-80 (yes 80!). 

Bob Hinske, co-owner of Miniature Memories LLC, led each group of eager dollhouse miniaturists!  They met each day from 10AM – 2PM.  Each participant built the Milled MDF Lemon Twist dollhouse kit.  They upgraded each dollhouse kit to include shingles.  During each session, the “kids” were able to assemble the house, paint the exterior, interior & exterior window and door trims, as well as shingle the roof. 

Bob said it was “great experience” for everyone.  The kids did a terrific job with their Lemon Twist dollhouse kit so we’ve posted their finished pictures for all to see.  Check it out and let us know what you think!  All of the kids involved should be really proud of their finished dollhouse!

Bob & Cindy Hinske have had great success with their Annual Kids Kamp!  If you would like to learn more about this opportunity and many others they offer, visit their website and contact them directly!

Mini wishes – Jennifer

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