Lincoln Springfield Home Dollhouse Kit Customized with Addition

Paul & Dianne Trautt of Saint Charles, IL customized our Lincoln Springfield Home dollhouse kit to include the rear addition of the actual house.  They did such an amazing job with all the details I couldn’t wait to share this story with all of you.

Customized Lincoln Springfield Home dollhouse kit by Paul & Dianne Trautt

We’ve had several people ask us if we were ever going to manufacture a kit for the addition.  The answer is still no but it’s not impossible to do as you will see.

In 2007, Dianne purchased our Lincoln Springfield Home dollhouse kit and over the next year, she finished it up to the point of wiring.  Dianne and Paul really wanted as close a representation as possible of the actual home.  They didn’t feel the staircase in the kit was good enough to use so Dianne recut the second floor to accommodate the J pattern stairs which they built from scratch.  Once this was done, they felt the front portion of the real house was as closely represented as it could be.  They then installed a hinged rear roof.

They took 6 trips to Springfield (in one year) and came across reproduced scale drawings of the elevations and floor plans of the complete house.  This allowed them to reproduce the addition to the same scale as the original house kit.  They had to do some fine tuning with the floor to ceiling heights but we would’ve never known if they didn’t tell us!  They then cut the walls and floors out of foam board and pinned them together.  Once they got the addition and house to match up exactly as they wanted, they got together a list of supplies they would need to make this dream a reality.  They did all of this without knowing if they’d be able to purchase the parts necessary from their friends at Real Good Toys and were pleasantly surprised when we said we could certainly help them.

We were able to cut the exterior walls and plywood floors to their size specifications and then Paul and Dianne cutout the door, window holes and notches to replicate the addition.  They ordered additional brackets, cornices, windows and shutters like the ones that come in the original Lincoln Springfield Home dollhouse kit.  They also ordered additional foundation pieces, extra dividers and roof panels. 

The end result is just amazing!  The time and details spent on this magnificent replica is shown in each picture (check out the photo gallery).  Paul and Dianne have accumulated a digital photo library of over 1000 pictures of all exterior and interior details and this was used as a reference every step of the way.  They have purchased some replica furniture from Town Square Miniatures but Dianne is handcrafting many more of her own pieces.  They still have drapes and soft details to finish, but even when that is done, they don’t feel this project will ever truly end.  Do they ever?

Paul and Dianne, thank you so much for taking on such a huge project and sharing it with us.  You both should be very proud of what you’ve accomplished because you do terrific work and it shows!

Mini wishes – Jennifer

13 Responses to “Lincoln Springfield Home Dollhouse Kit Customized with Addition”

  1. Maxine Sitar Says:

    Boy, that is one HOUSE. It seemed big enough prior. They did a magnificant job and should get all the codos they can get. I love dollhouses and have built many in the last 18 years, (many for charities) but NOTHING like that. Makes me want to go through things and start over and really follow their lead. Very nice job. But they had a very nice house to start with. Real Good Toys is the premo of doll houses for sure. . . . . Thanks for the pictures and story.

  2. Deborah G Says:

    They did a great job adding on to the Lincoln’s house.I just love it.I may buy this house next.I love the colors used on the house.

  3. Marty Oliver Says:

    This is incredible and very impressive. I bought one of these kits last summer and it is still in process of completion. I wish that RGT would offer the rear section as an additional kit. I am making some structural changes to my Lincoln home such as a side porch the full width of the right side and I am adding a conservatory on to the left side of the house by altering the junior conservatory kit from RGT to fit this home. I love this architectural style and the paint colors on this house but wanted to alter the house to suit my tastes as well. Hopefully I can send some pics of my version once it is completed.

  4. Jennifer Says:

    The colors used on the house are the exact same as what’s on the real deal! We actually got the info direct from the Benjamin Moore store in Springfield, IL.

    Marty – we would love to see pictures of your customized Lincoln Springfield Home when you’ve completed the house. I can’t wait to see what you’ve done.

  5. Thomas Beechler Says:

    We are assembling the Lincoln kit now and were wondering what the exterior paint colors are. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks..Thomas

  6. Lenny Says:

    advice on furnitue for sale and
    how many pieces actually in the house?

  7. Brenda Says:

    You have done a magnificent job. I am thinking of making the Lincoln this winter, and you have inspired me.

  8. renee waller Says:

    gorgeous—I have the kit–just bought it. What kind of brick was used on the chiminey and foundation?

    Thank you

  9. Jennifer Says:

    Hi Renee – I’m not sure what they used for the brick on their house. They were never specific about that in their information. They may have used our Brick Foundation Strips for that section but it could’ve been something like Magic Brick as well. If you google 1 inch scale miniature bricks, I know you’ll come up with several links to different products available. Mini wishes, Jennifer

  10. Deborah G. Says:

    I like the carpet’s they used.But I would love to know were they found carpets with design’s on them All I can find is solid colors.And area rugs.Or did they used fabric with designs ?I’m using a thick solid felt for carpets in my miniature house.

  11. Judith Oxley Says:

    I just have to say, this is incredible. I have just started working in miniture and was very excited to learn you have a kit of the Springfield house. My husband’s Great-Great grandfather built the original homestead that Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln bought. The tiny one-story home was built for the Lincoln’s friend Rev. Dresser by his brother. I am slowly planning my own Lincoln homestead and hope to one day do it as much justice as the one here does. It is truely amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  12. Judith Laferriere Says:

    I am ordering the Linoln kit today but would like information on what kit they used if any for the addition? Or did they just create their own?
    Thanks I will keep this website for reference 🙂

  13. margaret spaeth Says:

    hi i just found this /i need help/ i am going to try to duplicate the front parlor and entryway
    and stairway. i have the furniture for the front parlor, except the side chairs, looked and looked
    i am trying to find miniature things as close to the real as posssible.looking for the mantel candelabra and
    the 2 deep pink pitchers also/
    the unique stove i am trying to duplicate in
    polymar clay/ i have wonderful pictures from John popolis sp? am trying to duplicate the carpet
    by printing photos on cloth/
    have a sample of the lincoln front parlor sent to me from the new england wallpaper company.
    i am 82 years young and do room box originals for fun/
    any help out there will be greatly appreciate.