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Stain and Score

using a stylus to scribe board detail into a wood surface

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  1. kevin brown Says:

    I bought jm1065 2 years ago in mdf, but quit for a year and a half. I have since then started again and thanks to finding this blog as well as the your link to dhbuilder I’m back on track and excited.
    Ive bought some paper backed cherry venier. Do I varnish then score only, or stain to accent after? should I finish before instalation or after, and whats a good glue or cement to use?

  2. gary_r Says:

    Hi Kevin
    I would glue the veneer down with fabric glue
    then I would urethane the surface, lightly score, and stain to accent the scoring. Finally, I’d do a final coat of urethane.

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