Dollhouse Merchant Spotlight: My Dolls House Torrance, CA

My Doll's House, Dollhouse & Miniature Shop, Torrance, CA

Real Good Toys Queen Anne dollhouse kit custom built by My Doll's House

Since 1990, My Doll’s House has been the premier miniature source for enthusiasts and hobbyists in the South Bay area of Los Angeles. Marj and Roger

DeKoster built their first dollhouse for their eldest granddaughter. They found so much pleasure in their granddaughters’ delight that they decided to share their love of miniatures and building dollhouses by opening the store. Although Roger was legally blind, this did not deter them from their passion and dream of being in the dollhouse business. Giving a gift of a hand crafted, custom built heirloom dollhouse was all it took! Over the many years that they have been in business, Marj and Roger have become known as experts in building unique, heirloom quality dollhouses, which generations of families have come to treasure and enjoy. They have custom built over 500 Real Good Toys dollhouses, along with houses from other manufacturers. Every house they’ve built has been photographed and recorded in their many photo albums. Their customers love to pore over these albums getting ideas for their own dollhouse projects. Marj is known for her color expertise and talent in wallpapering the houses, and Roger, who passed away in January 2008, was known for his skill in hand-laid flooring and electrical hardwiring the dollhouses. Local artisans have sought them out over the years and many of them have supplied the store with one-of-a-kind pieces that give the dollhouses an added quality of uniqueness and value. Some Hollywood celebrities have commissioned Marj and Roger to build custom dollhouses for them. A lighthouse that they built was used in a high profile feature film.

My Doll's House, Real Good Toys Lighthouse and Keeper's House

My Doll's House extensive dollhouse and miniature products

Marj continues to run the store after Roger’s passing and she enthusiastically passes on her passion for dollhouses and miniatures to newcomers as well as her regular customers. One customer, who had not visited the store for 10 years, was very pleasantly surprised when Marj remembered him. He said, “Her experience and hospitality makes visiting the shop for supplies and advice worth the drive…”. Another customer says, “Marj is friendly and very helpful to all customers, from beginners to experienced, and is a dream to work with because of her knowledge, which is why I love to visit the shop”. Marj also occasionally brings in other experts who offer workshops on building, flooring, and stained glass.

Great service, quality products and extensive knowledge…My Doll’s House is truly a full service dollhouse and miniature shop.

To see the current workshop schedule and find out more about My Doll’s House extensive product line, don’t hesitate to drop by and visit Marj at the store when you are in Torrance or visit the store online at The store in Torrance is open 7 days, 9:00am – 4:30pm and by appointment.

My Doll's House workshops and classes

My Doll’s House

1218 El Prado, Suite 136

Torrance, CA 90501


5 Responses to “Dollhouse Merchant Spotlight: My Dolls House Torrance, CA”

  1. Jeff Says:

    I am new to the miniature doll house world. I am an experienced woodworker with a full scale wood shop for hobbyist level woodworking. A doll house has been requested for my grand daughter. She is three years old and it is expected that she will actually use the house as a plaything. Even though I am sure it will be demolished in short time, I would like to offer her a hand made house. Nonetheless, I do not want to feel too much pain when I see the doors torn off. Do you have any suggestions for this first project, short of cast iron? Thanks.

  2. gary_r Says:

    Hi Jeff
    Your notice of the “door” concern is well placed… the wicked witch of the east tends to have her revenge on kid’s dollhouse doors. The normal way a miniature door is constructed uses a pin thru the header and threshold for a hinge. Banging a door open puts tremendous lateral force on that pin and the wood around it, and it splits the door which is thin. Some doors are thicker which is less authentic, but that extra thickness allows the use of a regular “knuckle” style hinge, which is more robust for kids. In the Real Good Toys’ product line, the houses that have this style door/hinge are “Children’s Choice” houses (CC10, CC15, CC2, CC3), and the MM950 (although I would wait to put the mullions on any of these houses, and I’d probably wait to put the porch on the 950).

    Best wishes

  3. Joan Says:

    My grandaughter is 4 and I just completed a dollhouse for her at christmas and she loves it. We do have several accessories for the dollhouse and she plays with it almost every day. We babysit for her 3 days a week and she plays with it every day she is here. We do have some fragile items such as doors, working windows, staircases and some furniture and she is aware she must be careful when playing with them.

    I built a 9 room Real Good Toys dollhouse and put up wallpaper and floor coverings. So far no problem with any of it.

  4. Laurie Says:

    My dad built three Real Good Toys kits this summer for his three granddaughters..the youngest was two. These kits are so sturdy they can probably hold up to most kids. We left out interior doors for the younger girls. We purchased premade doors from Houseworks for the exterior door. After six months all the doors are still functioning đŸ™‚

    By contrast, I am trying to make a Greenleaf kit that I purchased before I knew about RGT kits. The wood is horrible and the joints all fall apart if I look at it wrong. My daughter is old enough that she will be careful, but all it will take is one bump from big brother…

    My dad and grandpa made us a dollhouse back in the ’80s that we all still treasure. They built it on a stand with wheels. The walls were about 3/4″ thick. It has survived three daughters, five grandsons and three granddaughters.

    Wish you all the best!

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