Dollhouse Merchant Spotlight: Mirabella Miniatures, Fairfield, CT

Lois welcomes you to Mirabella Miniatures

Lois of Mirabella Miniatures says, “There is magic in my miniature shop.” She has seen, first-hand, how miniatures can affect all the senses. She tells us you can see, touch, hear and even taste the magic from the moment you enter her shop.  She’s seen it in eyes filled with wonder when a child spots one of her cottages or dollhouses for the first time.  She’s touched it after she’s assured her customer that almost anything in real life can be found in miniature…and then puts her finger on exactly what they want.  She’s heard it when a little boy and his Dad exclaim over one of her garages or motorcycle or pet shops, or fishing cottages, only to realize they have a comfortable place in the land of miniatures too. And she has even tasted the magic in the form of a stray, salty tear hastily wiped away as one of her adult collectors’ shares how miniatures got them through a round of chemotherapy or radiation because they were able to lose themselves in the miniature world. Yes, miniatures are magic.

Mirabella Miniatures in Fairfield, CT

Mirabella Miniatures opened on March 31, 2004 in Fairfield, Connecticut, fulfilling a dream that began when Lois’s Dad built her a dollhouse when she was only four years old.  Her Mom worked at Ideal Toy Corporation and helped her furnish their dollhouse.  Together the three of them created Lois’s most cherished childhood memories. Her dream is to help other families and special collectors make their own unique memories. Her mission is to bring joy to others through miniatures. Mirabella Miniatures has done all that and more.

A very cute toy store made from a Real Good Toys QuickBuild display box

The shop is known for its huge, ever changing selection, great prices, and its atmosphere of comfortable customer service without pressure. When you buy a dollhouse at Mirabella’s, you do so with the understanding that Lois is with you very step of the way in which you make it yours, whether it be electrical wiring, roof shingles, paint, tile work, carpets, etc.Very few shopkeepers give this kind of service and back it up with practical advice and teaching videos. Serious collectors come to Mirabella’s from all over the country, and sometimes the world, for miniatures by famous artisans and newly discovered talent.  You can find a perfect gift for someone or purchase their ever popular gift certificates.  There is miniature magic for all ages to be discovered at Mirabella’s.

Lots of different room boxes to choose from

Lois is most proud of their website,  The site offers a tour of the shop, featuring only a fraction of what is in the store. They have nearly 50 counter top cases filled with thousands of handcrafted miniatures in every price range. Make sure to sign up on the site for announcements so you can be notified of anything that’s happening, such as special “surprise” sales, new arrivals, raffles and more. They have extensive collections of just about any miniature you can imagine. Possibilities of miniatures are endless. Lois likes to think that every day, as she opens her shop, she is inviting you into her own magic cottage. Come in and share the magic with her!

Mirabella Miniatures

2480 Black Rock Turnpike

Fairfield, CT 06825

Exit 44 off Merritt Pkwy; Exit 22 off I-95


Shop Hours:  Saturday through Tuesday, 10 am – 5 pm

10 Responses to “Dollhouse Merchant Spotlight: Mirabella Miniatures, Fairfield, CT”

  1. Nancy Waters Says:

    Mirabella Miniatures has the BEST selection of miniatures on the entire east coast: they sparkle almost as much as their owner, Lois. I find something new on every visit. I drive 42 miles each way to her shop…worth every dime of every mile.

  2. Jody Huston Says:

    Greetings! I enjoyed your website linked to RealGoodToys. I am currently building a large Victorian dollhouse and would appreciate being added to your e-mail list. Beautiful shop! JH

  3. Debbie C. Says:

    This is a great shop! It is easy to get to from the Parkway, the lighting is excellent, it is clean, very well organizied and is open on Sundays. I highly recommend taking a trip to see it and visit with Lois.

  4. Eleanor Kilham Says:

    I just ‘discovered’ your site yesterday…I can’t wait to get there! I particularly LOVE witchy/haunted minis. I will try to make a run to your shop sometime this summer. What fun!

  5. Brenda Bartlett Says:

    My husband and I paid our first visit to Mirabella Miniatures this past weekend and spent an well over an hour there speaking with Lois. You see, we were on a fact finding mission as we haven’t started to build a house yet but we want to gather as much information as possible before we purchase anything. Lois was so understanding and answered our many questions. We could have spent the whole day there looking at the many items she has. She just has such a great personality and is very easy to speak with. My husband (a big burly truck driver) was amazed with her store and we both can’t wait until our next trip to see Lois.

  6. stephanie Says:

    I am looking for art nouveau miniatures to place in an art nouveau glass cabinet. Does your store have anything?

  7. Daryl Grimm Says:

    Hi Lois,

    I know you aren’t at the old location. Did you move? Looking for a few things. Any Wizard of Oz Characters?

  8. Kathy Larson Says:

    Hi Lois. I made some miniature afghans for you a couple years ago. You were having pretty good results from them. I am just checking to see if you need any new afghans? I have a couple new samples.. Thanks Kathy Larson

  9. jennifer_fitzgerald Says:

    Hi Kathy – Lois at Mirabella Miniatures had to close her shop. She is no longer in business. Thanks much and mini wishes – Jennifer

  10. Chris Aiello Says:

    I am looking for windows, do you sell them?