The Doll House Shop in Richmond, VA – Under new ownership

Julie Silvester, new owner of The Doll House Shop

Julie Silvester, new owner of The Doll House Shop

Real Good Toys welcomes Julie Silvester as the proud new owner of the The Doll House Shop in Richmond, VA. For many years, Julie was a regular customer of The Doll House Shop and she once told Tom O’Dea, then the owner of the shop, that her dream had always been to own her own doll house shop. Tom encouraged Julie and when he retired, he offered the shop to her.

Julie’s background is in finance and information technology.  In early 2013, she started an online dollhouse and miniature retail store to help with tuition costs for her daughter to attend a school for dyslexic children. Now that Julie has her own brick and mortar retail shop, she’s looking to expand to include space for classes and room for customers to come and work on their projects. She said many customers have been interested in this concept because they don’t have room at home to build a dollhouse. Julie envisions the store to be geared more toward children and plans to expand the store’s inventory accordingly.  Julie says, “When parents with children enter the store, the first thing the parent always says is , “Don’t touch anything!” I’d like to change that to, “Please touch all of these!”.

Julie believes that most people think miniatures is an expensive hobby or that they don’t have enough room at home to build a dollhouse.  She would like to change that perception and show people that miniatures and dollhouses come in every size and in every price range.  Julie says there is something in the miniature and dollhouse world for everyone.

We welcome Julie and wish her success! If you’re traveling through Richmond, VA, stop by and say hello.

The Doll House Shop is located at 8534 Patterson Ave., Richmond, VA 23229.

You can reach the shop by calling 804-285-8484 or by email at [email protected]


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    CONGRADULATIONS on your dream. My wife and I are new at this craft and are just beginning the project for our granddaughter who will be five next year. We have never tackled such a challenge but had begun the such a venture 25 years ago when our daughter was about seven. A fire literally destroyed our home and belongs and the idea to construct a dollhouse after than evaporated until our granddaughter came. I guess you could say that not only doing something so intimately for her will also bring closure for us on that first attempt long ago. Your story sounds like you would be there for us in giving us advice and directing us to just what we need, while also suggesting how we can truly make this project extra special in the months ahead. We reside in the high Sierra’s of Calif. and to travel to the nearest supply/crafts center would take us about 3 1/2 hours. Any newsletters that you might devise would certainly be of some help to us. I don’t know that we would do this again unless we are really blessed and amazed at any hidden talent.

    Once again, we are happy for you and hope that your daughter has greatly benefited from your sacrifice. JOHN and CAROL