Discover Your Favorite Dollhouse Miniatures Forum

Kindle your enthusiasm and share knowledge by joining an online forum. With forums, you can comfortably be at home (in those favorite pajamas) and simply relax while you sip your coffee, browse, comment, and share related experiences…or you can just lurk – read and quietly take it all in. Whether you are new to dollhouses and miniatures or have years of experience, there is a lot to gain in the forum and blog dialogs.

You can discover many wonderful miniatures forums, but we’ve come across a new one that is very exciting. Check out MECA – Miniature Enthusiasts, Craftsmen & Artisans; if you haven’t visited the site you’re missing out!

Artist, Pamela J.

Artist, Pamela J

MECA is currently holding an exciting Holiday Contest titled, “Re-create your Fondest Christmas/Holiday Memory in Miniature.” Real Good Toys is pleased that the big prize is our very own Classic Bungalow Dollhouse! We hope you will check out the contest rules and jump right in, enjoy building your memory and WIN!

MECA’s administrator Pamela J is welcoming and witty and she has a passion for dollhouses and miniatures that practically jumps off the screen. Her medium is polymer clay and her specialty is miniature culinary delights. Pamela is a true artist and we applaud her talent.

"ButcherBlock" Miniature Art by Pamela J.

"ButcherBlock" Miniature Art by Pamela J

Good luck with your fabulous contest entries and thank you to Pamela J for being such a positive force in the Miniatures Industry.

Wishing you all “Dollhouse Magic” ! 

PS: Please comment and let us know what your favorite forums are… we would love to hear from you and explore new dollhouse forums!

One Response to “Discover Your Favorite Dollhouse Miniatures Forum”

  1. dtr Says:


    You need to start a forum over here. The only really active mini forum is Greenleaf. A lot of members are, of course, diehard Greenleaf fans. It would nice for the RGT fanatics to have a place, too!

    I have built many brands of dollhouses and hands down, RGT toys kits are the best. I can’t exactly shout it from the rooftops on a GL forum, though!

    Please consider starting one! There are so few out there, and many are obscure or completely inactive. People would post if it was at a place they know and trust.