Chips Dollhouse Adventure for Sydney

Chip’s daughter Sydney informed her dad in 2008 that she wanted him to build her a dollhouse for her birthday and she wanted to help.  Sydney was five at the time.  The youngest of two daughters, Chip says she is the quintessential little girl, fascinated by dresses and dolls, and in every sense, a little lady.

Chip wanted us to know how important this gift to his daughter has become.  She is now six and half years old and has had her Princess Anne dollhouse for 18 months now.  He was hoping she would use it for only a year…no such luck!  Sydney, her best friend and occasionally her older sister Piper play with this dollhouse almost every single day.  It is, without a doubt, her most prized possession.  Chip takes tremendous joy and pride in watching Sydney use her creativity and imagination to conjure up new stories, tales and games each and every time she uses it. This house, like a real family home, is showing the normal signs of wear and tear.  The carpets have turned up a bit, the lights are fussy to work, the ceiling tiles in the rooms are a tad loose and the “heavy” front door light hangs limp on its wire (even after multiple attempts to fix it).  The rooms are filled with clutter that only a child can sort, and Sydney does, nearly every day.

This project that Chip and Sydney shared has reinforced the meaning of family.  In Sydney’s eyes, her Dad is a hero.  Chip plans on permanently repairing the dollhouse when Sydney outgrows it.  But we all know, you never truly outgrow your dollhouse!

In conclusion, Chip says, “Thanks for the great product that has given such pleasure to me and to my child.”  To that, we say “Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story and may your daughter pass this along to her daughter someday.”

Mini wishes,


Excerpts taken with permission from Chip Wright, Free Lance Writer

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  1. Shari Says:

    I am from Sri Lanka and I would love to purchase a doll house, however it is impossible it seems to order one and send it to Sri Lanka. Can anyone help me out?

    Thank you,