About Us

More than 30 years ago Real Good Toys began making wooden dollhouse kits in Vermont.  Today we are known for our heirloom quality craftsmanship, outstanding design and high standards.  Our doll houses have been under the White House Christmas Tree, in the Smithsonian and Lincoln museum shops, and are available from fine miniature retailers.  You may see them on television and film sets and they are often used for extraordinary displays such as the recent holiday windows of Ralph Lauren Polo and FAO Schwarz in NYC.

The purpose of this journal is to share our experience, love of miniatures and dollhouse crafting.  If you are new to this exciting hobby, we want to welcome you and help you build your dream house.  If you are already a miniature enthusiast, we want to keep your excitement alive with all the up dates of our industry and customer experiences.

There will be a variety of Real Good Toys staff contributing to our blog and each brings a specialty, insightfulness and individual style:

JIM, RGT’s President & CEO, will post on all things economic as well as global issues and resources.

CHRIS, wears many hats as RGT’s V.P. of Marketing, Development & H.R. Management. She will post on topics that catch her eye and that would have the most interest to our customers.

GARY, Production Manager, will focus on technical support and building tips. He has written many of our dollhouse kit instructions and has produced several “how-to” videos.

JODI, Office Manager, specializes in customer service and is always in touch with our retailers. Her blog contributions will include highlights of special projects and marketing ideas.

JEN, Operations Manager, (or “multi-tasking wizard”) can make anything happen here at the factory and she has close customer contact. She will cover “what’s happening” and bring new ideas to your attention.

Welcome to the Real Good Toys’ blog!  Please comment frequently and share your doll house experiences.  We look forward to hearing from you!