A Christmas Dollhouse Poem

(Recently we started a Christmas poem on our Facebook page and asked all of our Facebook fans to add to it.  The result was a very special poem about dollhouses. )

T’was the week before Christmas when we all have lots to do, presents to wrap, goodies to bake, and yes…shingles to glue! With some helpful advice from your encouraging spouse, now is the time, without delay, to finish that special dollhouse.

With time wearing down, we tend to get sick.  Some time with the minis should do the trick!  Mini tails a waggin’, mini heads to be pet.  Be sure to use an antibacterial soap, so you won’t get sick!

With Christmas approaching, I can’t wait to see, what minis are hiding under the tree! Victorians, farmhouses, shops and more.  It’s all right there in our mini store.

The children are nestled all snug in their beds, with mini sized nightgowns and wigs on their heads. When at once there arose such a clatter, I knew at once what was the matter! 

Two large grey cats with no sleigh or tiny reindeer had given me reason to fear, one lept for the boughs of my newly decorated fir, the other couldn’t leave the Victorian dollhouse without a purr. 

A nice Fimo turkey is ready to eat, so every jointed dolly, quick…find a seat!  Pass the mini corn and mini eggnog, after this meal they’ll need a long mini sleep.

And if on your roof, there arises a clatter…It’s the cat eating shingles and that doesn’t matter!  For Santa will come to your house this fine night.  Leaving you minis, to your great delight!

As the week wound down and Christmas got real close, I knew in a few days I had a party to host.  So I glued in the windows and hung all the doors…it was then I realized I hadn’t laid the floors!  

So carefully and quickly I put them down right.  I cleaned up my mess and called it a night.  When the next day came, I knew what I had to do.  I had to keep working until I was through.  I finished the house with a gleam in my eye, as I wrapped it up and said goodbye. 

I took one last look at that beautiful house as it left my sight.  I didn’t doubt for a moment it would make that little girls’ night. So now all my love and hard work that I have done, I will do for another with joyful love and fun.


And a special note from Jen and Jodi…We get lots of inspiration from our Facebook Fans.  Ideas, tips and short cuts galore.You dollhouse miniaturists are rock stars…times four!♥

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